Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New life!

So I started this blog as an assignment in college for teaching, but I think I will change it into a whole life blog, since I am kinda anti-facebook (I just think it is dumb to update ALL your friend on what you ate each meal and how many places you went with your new baby and how many time your baby pooped that day). This is a place for me to update people that WANT to know about my life to get a little piece now and again:)

Last May (2010) Carl asked me to marry him!! After a crazy summer of being a preschool teacher during the day, and a wedding planner in the evenings, we got married in November!!!! In all the wedding hubub, Carl and I found a house and bought it, which began many renovations...generally small ones.
The week that Carl proposed was a super crazy one as we spent time with my Uncle in the hospital with an allergic reaction to medication. In the midst of all of that, my cousin told me that she was pregnant!!! We now have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Maleeya, who is currently rolling over and just about walking!
On Carl's side of the family his sister had her 2nd baby boy, Lucas, a month before we got Maleeya. He is a happy smiling boy no matter what sickness he currently has... tough kiddo!!
We also got 2 new babies from our friends, Ethan from Kelly and Brad, and Owen from Brandon and Melissa:)
Sooooo... my free time is spent with babies or planning to spend time with babies!!! I love it!!

So thats the update up until now... life is good!!

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